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Episode 271: Explosions and Whatnot.

On this podcast, we talk about a cosplayer who’s running for political office and a local cosplay group giving back to a local hospital. On anime side of things, we discuss Kōsuke Fujishima‘s marriage to a known cosplayer, live action Death Note adds to the casting, could there be a possible backlash? Info on season […]

Help Kuro Usagi and Her Family!

I started Anime Jam Session back in 2008.  It was just me and Kuro Usagi.  After an amazing time on the show with her, we said goodbye as she left the show to focus on her own life.  She comes back to us, since everyone here at Anime Jam Session is family, sad news.  Her […]

Avalon Cosplay, Help Her Rebuild!

Whenever there is a tragedy in the cosplay community, we come together as a family to help one another. One our newest staffers Avalon Cosplay, lost her home to a fire coming home from a convention Monday afternoon. Her friends have put together a gofundme to help her and her family get back on their […]

Love for Venus — A Charity for Kathleen

Instead of an interview this week, I wanted to share a donation that was started for someone close to a few of us here at Anime Jam Session. Anything that can be donated helps! <3

The Convention Community Helps One of Their Own

If you went to conventions in the early 00’s, chances are you’ve seen Kevin Lillard.  If you were cosplaying at the time, chances are, he’s taken your picture.  Friend to cosplayers and congers alike, Kevin was a staple to the convention scene at the time. Unfortunately as so many of us in the US know, […]

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