The Convention Community Helps One of Their Own

If you went to conventions in the early 00’s, chances are you’ve seen Kevin Lillard.  If you were cosplaying at the time, chances are, he’s taken your picture.  Friend to cosplayers and congers alike, Kevin was a staple to the convention scene at the time.

Unfortunately as so many of us in the US know, the economy took a turn, and in the last month, Kevin has been living out of his car in a parking lot.  He spent a month out there on his own, not asking for any sort of help, but after a post made on his facebook about spending his last bit of money on food and a call to a job recruiter only to reach his voice mail, and no longer having gas to get back and forth to the library in order to send out resumes, he sent out a message on facebook stating that unless there was a miracle, he was basically out of luck.

Well a miracle happened.  This amazing convention going community got together and sent off donation after donation to this man to help him out.  Locals bought him food and gas, and the donations still poured in.  In less than 24 hours, Kevin has enough money not only to remain on his feet and housed for a long time to come, but the amazing man, instead of keeping all the money for himself, is taking the extra money and donating it to charities in his area that help the homeless.  He’s even got enough money to get back out there and do some freelance work again.

“Normal life feels good, and there are many people to thank. Karma dictated that the trip back to the library brought us past a man at a stop light with a sign saying he was homeless, of course, there was money to spare to hand to him.”  Kevin wrote on his facebook.  Truly a man that inspires the good in people.

If you feel like donating, Kevin has asked that instead of donating anymore to him, that you find a local charity that works to help the homeless.  “If you want to make a donation now, find a local charity that offers real help to the homeless, because there are countless people on the streets who have nothing close to the network of friends that I learned hat have.”

It’s wonderful to see, that even in the worst of times, people gather for a greater cause than themselves, and help someone who is truly in need.  These people make me proud to be in this geek culture we’ve carved out for ourselves.


Just in case you wish to donate directly to Kevin Lillard, donations can be sent to at paypal.


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