Love for Venus — A Charity for Kathleen

Instead of an interview this week, I wanted to share a donation that was started for someone close to a few of us here at Anime Jam Session. Anything that can be donated helps! <3

Taken directly from the page itself:

“On Wednesday Septemeber 25 2013, tragedy stuck. Kathleen Morphew was driving with her mother, Brenda Morphew, on the interstate when she was in an accident with another vehicle and a semi truck. She and her mother were pulled from the twisted mass of metal that was once their car. Kathleen was rushed to the emergency room. Her mother, however, did not make it. Many South Carolinians saw the horrible crash on the news that night. Some said a prayer for those injured and some overlooked it as another crash that caused delays in their overscheduled lives. What they didn’t know was the people who were involved in it. They didn’t know that the young girl that was looking forward to the next day when she would be traveling to see her friends, that she doesn’t see often, for a weekend of fun at a convention in Atlanta, Georgia. They didn’t know she was going to be celebrating her love of the show Sailor Moon or how she was going to be debuting her new Sailor Venus cosplay, the scout she loves the most. Instead, in that one moment, she lost her mother and nearly died. In that single moment, her life changed in a way she would never have seen coming.

windowKathleen is a sweet girl that has touched the lives of many people in several communities. She has become known as Sailor Venus because she dresses up as her and because of how she embodies the love that Sailor Venus wanted to share with everyone. There are so many people that she knows that talk about how she is one of the sweetest people they know and how they are so glad they met her. This fund has been set up for those people who want to help her know how much she means to them. That night, she was sent to ICU and later had to have emergency surgery on two of her organs. She is also suffering from a broken bone and immense pain. Her mother was the main source of income in her family and now she is left with the emptiness of losing a parent and has no insurance to help with the cost of medical bills. Any support that you can give will help to cover those bills and anything she may need while she deals with the loss of her mother.

58101_10153061964445393_1339785846_n1A group of her friends have set up this fund in her name and ask for help. Whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated. If you can’t donate, please get the word out because that is just as important. We want to show her how much people care about her and how much they wish her a speedy recovery. With any donation amount, you have our gratitude and thanks. I know it’s not much for your generous donation but we want to put whatever we can in this fund as well to help. We have a Facebook page set up and would love for you to share it and also to write a message for Kathleen on it. Please share this campaign with everyone by either directing them directly here or to the Facebook page. We want to thank you for your time and for all you do.”

We have an official Facebook Page to keep friends and loved ones up to date, along with info on donating here at Project: Love Venus.


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