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#641: Forgo the Salad for the Prime Rib.

Crunchyroll⁠ refreshes its branding, the world premiere for the ⁠Ranma 1/2⁠ remake is set to be in NYC, and the Dragon Ball franchise is still in a rights dispute! Also, the former editor of ⁠Attack on Titan⁠ was sentenced to prison, anime artist music videos are now on Crunchyroll, and thank you ads appear printed […]

#640: Kami Said There’d Be Days Like This…

A Transportation Manager blames anime for giving trucks a bad reputation, Rent-A-Girlfriend gets its 1st adventure game, and Hello Kitty gets spooky with a Junji Ito collaboration! Also, Keroppi goes retro with a 90s-inspired film camera, LiSA announced for SDCC, and dates confirmed for the bilingual debut of Rick and Morty the anime! Meanwhile in […]

#639: Allow Us To Be Perfectly Transparent Here…

DJ Ranma S⁠, ⁠Ari Rockefeller⁠, and ⁠Mako-chan⁠ respond to a listener discussing convention reviews and reports. Also, ⁠Crunchyroll⁠ shut down comments on their entire site, mass disqualifications in the ⁠Pokémon⁠ card art contest due to AI submissions and a NEW ⁠Magic Knight Rayearth⁠ anime announced! Plus, ⁠VIZ Media⁠ acquires ⁠RWBY⁠ and will explore the production […]

#638: The Beatings Won’t Stop if the Shenanigans Continue!

Evangelion singer Yoko Takahashi cancels concert appearance over AI, the ⁠Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba⁠ musical gets international release through ⁠Crunchyroll⁠, and Akiba Maid War announces a popup cafe in LA! After that bit of news, ⁠DJ Ranma S⁠ and ⁠Ari Rockefeller⁠ sit down and review ⁠Shenanicon⁠, a 21+ anime and pop culture convention in […]

#637: Bouncing Off The Wall And Then Some.

Updates on the Kadokawa cyber attack, the massive debt totals for Gainax bankruptcy, and Studio 3Hz transfers anime production to A1 pictures. Also, Optimus Prime was arrested for vehicular theft, and ⁠Sony⁠ bought out ⁠Alamo Drafthouse Cinema⁠ chain with plans for ⁠Crunchyroll⁠ and VA unit iRis to release a documentary film. Meanwhile in Japan, a […]

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