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Heroes of Cosplay, S2 – E2: Battle at Ottawa Pop Expo!

Welcome back to our review of Heroes of Cosplay!  I have to admit, after watching this episode, I feel as if they have removed most of the pettiness and drama from the show!  But don’t get it twisted tho, there is pettiness and drama, but we tend to keep it behind closed doors… Among our […]

Heroes of Cosplay: Season 2, Episode 1 Review

When rumors started to rumble that Heroes of Cosplay was coming back for a season two, the entire community wretched.  They also groaned, bitched, moaned, complained.  When they were taking applications for a new cast, half of those people stepped up to plate to be a part of the cast in hopes of fixing what […]

Heroes of Cosplay Season 2 Drinking Game

Well seeing how the season one rules were a complete hit, it was decided that a season two rules were to be added.  We decided to tweak some of the old rules, and add a few of them to the new drinking game.  As always, special thanks to Seibatooth Cosplay for creating the S2 rules.  […]

Heroes of Cosplay Episode 6 Review

The final episode of SyFy’s “Heroes of Cosplay” aired Tuesday night, though I watched it on Wednesday after a struggle with Comcast. I watched the episode in its entirety, and well… I have quite a lot to say this time around. There were some highlights in this episode, but primarily, it left a sour taste […]

Heroes of Cosplay Episode 5 Review

Episode five of SyFy’s “Heroes of Cosplay” aired Tuesday night, though I watched it Thursday. You should all be proud of me.. I watched it all the way through with my boyfriend sitting nearby. I wanted to get his commentary, since he doesn’t do cosplay (yet, ohohohoho), but knows what I go through with my […]

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