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Derpy Con 2022: Better Later Than Never?

Derpycon 2022 Took place in the New Brunswick New Jersey Hyatt Regency from Friday, October 28th until Sunday, October 30th. Before I begin the review, I do admit last year’s review was very lenient. After all, conventions (including Derpycon), were just returning after a two year shut down! Unfortunately, the shortcomings of 2021’s event were at the forefront this year. 

Anime Review — Pokémon Origins

If you’re a Pokémon fan like me, you understand that every aspect of the franchise—games, anime, what have you—have their strengths and weaknesses, their good parts and their bad parts. You understand that they can still have flaws, be it in design, or just things that you generally don’t like for whatever reason, but you […]

Game Review—Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Four-Pack

Publisher Nintendo System Nintendo 3DS Genre Various Release Date June 2013 Rating n/a I’m more than willing to admit that the 3DS’ StreetPass function seems more of a novelty at times, but only because it seems generally underutilized. Sure, being able to invisibly and automatically pass information about games you play is nifty, but that’s […]

Penny Arcade Episode 4

Publisher Zeboyd Games System Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mobile Genre RPG Release Date June 11th 2013 Rating n/a The series that bares the Penny Arcade name has had a turbulent history. The first two episodes were much larger affairs, and their status as “full” games was denoted by having achievements, miscellaneous avatar awards, what have […]

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