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Anime NYC 2018 Wrap up

Hey all, It’s your favorite sharp-shooting photog, Dstyles here! I went to Anime NYC 2018 this November, and let me tell you, it was certainly amazing! Peter Tatara and the rest of the team at Leftfield definitely knocked it out of the park with how the show was run. It was definitely a herculean effort […]

Anime Matsuri: Trouble in Texas

*Editor-In-Chief Note: Changes has been made since the initial publishing of this article.  We received an anonymous tip that confirmed the issues between Anime Matsuri and Caitlin Glass/Matthew Mercer.  Also at the request of one of the people we mentioned in this article, we also removed her last name as well. -DJ If you’re following […]

Is the Future of Collecting in Danger?

Was sitting in a car today listening to talk radio.  Normally I’m not one to listen to people complain about their lives, but the story was pretty interesting, and could potentially effect collectors and fans in general of anime. The story starts out with college students importing their text books from India, who is allowed […]

Editorial: Brohoof, or How I Stopped Freaking Out and Started Accepting the Fandom

When I went to BroNYCon, one of the most popular questions asked was “How did you get into MLP?”  Truth be told, I could not answer that because I really could not remember.  I said something along the lines of “I don’t really remember, but I think I kept hearing about it from friends and […]

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