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Another Amazing Weekend: Another Anime Con 2023

Another Anime Con 2023 is a convention Anime Jam Station attends each year and is a highlight of our con circuit.
Does this convention still stand strong?
CinnaKnight joins the team at this event for the first time and shares her AAC experience!

#609: Another Anime Con 2021… We had a +1 With Us! :D

It’s ⁠Another Anime Convention (AAC)⁠ 2023! Join ⁠DJ Ranma S⁠, ⁠Ari Rockefeller⁠, and notes from ⁠CinnaKnight Cosplay⁠, the three of them will give you their in-depth convention review! From cosplay to game shows to merch, and a whole lot more!

Kogaracon 2023: The Convention’s Fantastic Return! 

Kogaracon 2023 is a NJ Anime Con that’s a great experience for both new and long-term congoers! This convention has a big heart and is growing exponentially. Follow Cinnaknight along her Kogaracon experience, from start to finish.

Shikkaricon 2023: Discipline Your Demon Spawn

Shikkaricon is an anime convention located in Pennsylvania that had a few logistical bumps along the weekend. Cinnaknight discusses her experience, including highlights and wholesome interactions with attendees and staff!

#602: This is Not How You Get it Together Fam.

The podcast crew discusses Shikkaricon 2023, and well… You gotta tune in for that. Also tonight, lesser-known Sanrio mascots are getting a live-action TV series, Urusei Yatsura collabs for an electrifying fashion line, and Cowboy Bebop the movie returns to theaters! Meanwhile in Japan… Japan now has a cat aptitude test, and Keanu Reeves and SUNTORY サントリー explore Whisky and Monozukuri for new series!

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