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Cosplay For A Cause Live Stream Today

Join Anime Jam Session as we stream live from Brooklyn!  We will be streaming and recording C4C Presents Cosplay For A Cause!  All the excitement begins at 2PM EST!  And you can watch live right here!  Click the link below for full access to the video and chat!

Sera Myu: La Reconquista! More Details!

Yesterday on Twitter, @osabu8 shared some images of the costume designs for the new musical “Sailor Moon musical: La Reconquista”, which included the new subtitle for the upcoming September 2013 performance. There is a press release via Comic Natalie, which has translated in full below:      

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – A Sugary Sweet Concert, With Half the Calories

So last Sunday, I decided to head over to the Best Buy Theater to visit friends that were in line for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in New York City.  If you’re about to say who is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, most likely you have heard her music while walking around at cons, especially her know […]

Head Phones President – Not Your Typical Concert

Over the last few years, my taste in music has changed, and perhaps also evolved.  I listen to bands and genres that I thought I wouldn’t listen to.  So my friend Chuumousie tells me that Anza Oyama from Sera Myu is in a band called Head Phones President (or as some fans calls them, HPP).  […]

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