Head Phones President – Not Your Typical Concert

Over the last few years, my taste in music has changed, and perhaps also evolved.  I listen to bands and genres that I thought I wouldn’t listen to.  So my friend Chuumousie tells me that Anza Oyama from Sera Myu is in a band called Head Phones President (or as some fans calls them, HPP).  I never listened to that band before.  My initial thought was “Oh, they sound like L’arc-en-Ciel or Psychic Lover.”
I was wrong, dead wrong.
I saw HPP in concert twice.  The best way to describe them is Metallica meets White Zombie, but first album Alanis Morissette as your lead vocalist.
I know what I just said may have made you spit out your drink.
I have also said that our music is ten years behind in Japan, but when the Japanese get ahold of it, it become much more refined.
So you probably have to ask yourself…

How does Anza go from this…

To this…

Simple.  People change.  Hell, if Vanilla Ice can go from rap to heavy metal, why not her?

Also, here is a video of her performing La Soldier as Sailor Moon… And here as the vocalist of Head Phones President singing Nowhere.
The first concert at The Delancey was phenomenal.  As I said, I wasn’t expecting this lady, who’s probably 125 pounds soaking wet, belting out vocals on the levels of James Hetfield.  When I got there with my troupe, Chuumousie and friends showed up with Anza t-shirts that they made.  I think that’s pretty cool, especially since they made one just for Anza.  After the show, the band was more than thrilled to stand around for photos, autographs, and talking to their fans.  And we were able to get group photos as well.  What was funny was when Chuu pulled out her Anza idol book and she was “Where did you get that?  Don’t let them see it!”  It wasn’t a bad thing, she was doing it all in a joking matter.
The promoter, Frank Wood also announced that there would be a second show on Sunday.  So Lexi and I decided to hit that one up too.
This show was quite different.  There wasn’t as many people because it was announced at the last minute.  But it felt more personal.  Ever had that dream of your favorite band coming to perform in your living room, just for you and your friends?  Yeah, it was like that.
While we waited around for the show to begin, Anza and Narumi came outside to hang out.  I got my picture with him and we talked.  I told him about the Akihabara style maid show we have here in New York City once a month.  Also showed him photos, he was quite impressed.
After the show we got more swag, talked to the band.  It was very fun, a memorable event indeed.
HPP only comes throughout perhaps once a year in NYC.  I highly recommend seeing them live.  If you are a fan of Heavy Metal, this is group that you don’t want to miss.  Their new album “Stand In The World” drops June 6.  Grab it.

Special thanks to Lexi W. for finding the La Soldier video for this article.

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