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J-1 Con 2023: It’s not you, it’s the Venue

J-1 Con was a small, two-day anime con hosted in Atlantic City’s Showboat Hotel, featuring a big variety of guests and events.
Cinnaknight covers this convention, while tossing in some suggestions for the con’s future!

Another Amazing Weekend: Another Anime Con 2023

Another Anime Con 2023 is a convention Anime Jam Station attends each year and is a highlight of our con circuit.
Does this convention still stand strong?
CinnaKnight joins the team at this event for the first time and shares her AAC experience!

Kogaracon 2023: The Convention’s Fantastic Return! 

Kogaracon 2023 is a NJ Anime Con that’s a great experience for both new and long-term congoers! This convention has a big heart and is growing exponentially. Follow Cinnaknight along her Kogaracon experience, from start to finish.

Shikkaricon 2023: Discipline Your Demon Spawn

Shikkaricon is an anime convention located in Pennsylvania that had a few logistical bumps along the weekend. Cinnaknight discusses her experience, including highlights and wholesome interactions with attendees and staff!

Zenkaikon 2023: Huh? The Convention is Evolving!

Zenkaikon 2023 returned to Lancaster County Convention Center attracting around 7,000 attendees. Cinnaknight experienced the convention as a press member and participant, dealing with staffing issues, enjoying traditional market foods, engaging in cosplay with personal significance, and interacting with attendees. Despite initial struggles, the author praised the convention’s variety, cosplays, performances, and offerings like the Carolina Manga Library and event live streams. The convention concluded satisfactorily, with anticipation towards next year.

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