New SeraMyu (Sailor Moon Musical) Announced!

As Dr. Who fans cry into their Jelly Babies about Matt Smith leaving the show, a new Sailor Moon musical, or SeraMyu has just been announced!

As I am relaxing tonight, a post pops up on my Facebook that has said that there’s a new musical has been announced for September.  We did allude to some information in regards to this earlier this week by Mako-chan.  Maybe this whole time it was a telephone game, and this was going to be a new musical and not a new anime?  Perhaps it’s both.

Before we go any further, this article has been updated several times due to information coming out pretty quick.  I would like to thank,, and Osabu’s English Twitter account for their hard work and contributions.

New SeraMyu poster.

New SeraMyu poster.

The new SeraMyu will premiere September 13th.  There will be a total of sixteen performances.  The initial Sailor Moon musical run will last 10 days, to the 23rd. May extend for more performances and more locations depending on fan reception.  Naoko Takeuchi was on hand for each of the auditions.  Performances will be at the Aiia Theater in Shibuya.  Tickets are 6800 yen, and they go on sale in July on a first come, first served basis… But you can reserve your ticket tomorrow with the purchase of Nakayoshi’s July issue.  The musical will simply be called Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. We do not know if this will be considered Fourth Stage, or as a one time only limited engagement.  In an interesting change, famous Takarazuka actress Yamato Yuuga will be playing the role of Tuxedo Kamen.

But here is the current cast list for the new musical:

The current cast for the new SeraMyu musical.

The current cast for the new SeraMyu musical.

The producer is Hiramitsu Takuya, who is famous for his works on Hetalia, Hunter x Hunter, and more.  Music will be by Toshihiko Sahashi, famous for his work on Cutie Honey, Gundam Seed, and Magic Knight Rayearth. On an interesting note Osabu has also tweeted that there will be an announcement regarding new Sailor Moon merchandise shortly.

That is all the information that we have now.  For now, it’s best to follow on Twitter for more information, along with, and Osabu_P on Twitter.  Thanks to them for this information.

UPDATE: We have an image of the cast that will be playing the inner senshi, along with blog links.

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  1. sailorsugar says:

    the “hoka” after tuxedo mask isn’t a character, it means “and others”, meaning there will be more characters

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