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#554: Oh The Irony of it All.

We discuss the Crunchyroll/Right Stuf Anime acquisition, one of The iDOLM@STER アイドルマスター games closing shop, and Studio GONZO announces their 30th anniversary plans! Also, a fan gets Type Moon creators to change Comiket Japan‘s distribution plans, Discotek Media puts their Tokusatsu releases on its own line, and Hot Topic teams up with Studio Ghibli for […]

Stay Classy Hot Topic, Stay Classy

It seems that in recent months that Hot Topic has begun to get back into the better embraces of the anime fandom.  For years, a majority of the anime fans resented the company for selling anime merchandise because the clothing retailer was considered to be “too mainstream”.  That I do get, but I tell you […]

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