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DRRR!! Anime Review (Pronounced Durarara!!)

Durarara!! This first season is a little bit connected to Baccano! The password to get into the Dollars website is Baccano and you see two of the characters from the show in the background of this series. After that, there’s just other references to other anime series such as Spice and Wolf, Black Butler, Shakugan […]

Double Dragon NEON – Any More ‘80s and It’d Be Steeped in Cocaine

  Publisher WayForward / Majesco Games System Xbox 360 and PS3 Genre Action/Beat ‘em Up Release Date September 12th, 2012 Rating T   Review by Ari Rockefeller Double Dragon is a strange case as far as old video game franchises go. Everyone remembers the first two games—at least, their home counterparts on the NES—but other […]

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