Lantis: New Generation Live 2020 Concert Review

Before the Concert

Due to the current pandemic, many live concerts are streamed online. I really missed attending concerts and looked forward to this opportunity! For some of our readers, Lantis may be a familiar name. The company hosted Lantis Matsuri in AnimeNYC, as well as this concert, which featured up and coming artists, as well as some familiar names. 

This concert took place on  November 26th, but due to the time difference, Japan was above twelve hours ahead. I woke up a little early to see the concert due to the difference in JST time versus time in the states. But I really looked forward to this concert and the opportunity. Once I had my espresso, I was good to go!

I love discovering new artists and tried to learn about as many of them as I could before the concert. One of the first things I noticed was that some of songs were not yet available overseas. Arcana Project,  for example, is an adorable j-pop unit. They an official YouTube channel, but their songs are not on iTunes in America. Some of the other artists are coming out with albums soon; I am hoping that everyone who performed here not only gets to get their chance in Japan, but also overseas! 

I did have a hard time accessing the concert at first, but users in the chat were very friendly and helpful. I had to change my device’s time to match up Japan’s time zone in order to access the concert page. This was a big of an odd work around, but I made it to the concert just in time!



Ai Furihata’s performance really surprised me. She is known as Ruby from Love Live! Ruby is one of my favorite characters and is known for her adorable voice. Many singers in Love Live change their voices to fit the characters, which takes a lot of talent! Furihata’s range was very impressive. Her natural voice was powerful and mature, an interesting contrast to the cute and high-pitched character I know her for.

Marina Horiuchi’s performance was sweet and elegant. She graduated from the idol group, Cherry Blossom Academy in 2014, and went solo. Marina’s performance did have some idol vibes. Her first song was a bit slower and mellow, while the song that followed was upbeat. Horiuchi danced along with this  song with the same energy. I could see that her time in Cherry Blossom Academy did play a big part in her current solo career!

Arcana Project performed next. The style of music really reminded me of Love Live, mostly when it came to the cute outfits, energetic instrumentals, and energetic beat. The group worked together as one unit, but the girls had a chance to shine with solos. I watched the music video on their official YouTube right before the concert. Their formations and dance moves were very organized. Arcana Project’s both pre-recorded and live performances really show how they make an excellent idol group and team!  

Takao Sukuma is a new artist who will debut in 2021. He will be the singer for the anime, Skate-Leading Stars. His music was quite catchy and cool. I liked the way his outfit flowed along with the music and dancing. He seemed to get a bit of inspiration from his music — and especially fashion, from the states. I know a lot of my friends, as well as artists tend to be inspired by Japan. It is interesting to see how America inspires others, as well! 

MindaRyn sang in the anime By The Grace of The Gods. She is a Virtual YouTuber, and her channel currently has over 900,00 subscribers. I loved this performance and her voice, and the smooth and steady style. She really nailed the high notes and was very lively. MindaRyn is also very stylish! I loved the contrast between her punk fashion and glasses, along with the rock style of music.

Kaede Higuchi’s performance was very unique. Kaede is still in high school—her voice really blew me away. She used a virtual projection of an anime character on stage and is a Virtual YouTuber. The 3-D model of the character synched well with the performance. Kaeda truly had a powerful voice and the anime character’s presence also fit with her vocal style. Virtual YouTubers recently gained popularity in America. Her first album, “Aim,” will release in December. I’m hoping that it’ll also be released in America, so more people can hear her voice!

Koutaro Nishiyama has been active in the voice industry for almost a decade. He was the final performer and has been in series such as Haikyu and Ensemble Stars. He made a musical debut this year, with his album, City.  Koutaro’s voice sounded bright and lively, and he had a great smile while performing. The performance was in the form of a pre-recorded music video. I wish I was able to see this performer live, though the songs were pretty different from what I’m accustomed to, especially the second song, which had an aquatic and tropical theme. I liked listening to this unique style of music and look forward to listening to more of Nishiyama’s songs in the future!

Kanako Takatsuki was the final performance. She is most known for her role as Hanamaru in Love Live. I liked listening to her solo music, it was a rock song and very  different from the style of Love Live music, between the instrumentals, vocals, and darker lighting. Kanako’s stage presence was fierce, a drastic contrast from what I’m accustomed to seeing from her—and I loved it. Her performance was a great wrap up for this concert!

Concluding Thoughts:

Lantis’ concerts are not only professional, with polished transitions and talented singers, they are also very fun! I have attended many concerts from this company in the past and follow a few of their vocalists and groups. I think if fans  continue to use social media and share their interest in the singers and music, there may be even more exciting opportunities in the future! 

Also find Lantis on YouTube and Twitter! Images are courtesy of Lantis. 


A grad school student and librarian who seems to run solely on espresso and sweets, Cinnaknight has been going to conventions for about eight years. In her free time, she loves to bake, cook, as well as write!

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