Clover Con 2016: The Little Con That Rocks

CloverCon LogoOn May 15th, the Anime Jam Session crew headed back to Somerset, NJ for Clover Con. This con, put on by the Village Hidden in the Clovers, Somerset County’s 4-H anime and manga club, is one that we all enjoy.  All proceeds go to help fund the local 4-H, which is something we as a group can really appreciate.

The biggest area of the con is their artist and dealers’ hall. It takes over almost the entire gymnasium. 30 artists and dealers grouped together selling their wares to young and old. The only downside is that mobile data unfortunately is very very bad, and because the wifi is open to everyone, the dealers and artists couldn’t access it strongly enough.  I know one of the tables lost a sale from me because of it.  The other table luckily had two people tending it so one was able to walk outside to get service.

Also in the gym was the DJ, Cosplay Catwalk, Photo Booth, and announcements over who won the silent auctions.  The DJ played for about a half hour after the catwalk and awards were given.  The catwalk Clover Con does is very fun. It’s not based on craftsmanship, but on people’s energy, both the walkers and those cheering them on.

The catwalk winner, Jake, from State Farm.

The catwalk winner, Jake, from State Farm.

The kitchen called WacDonalds for the event was open all day selling various food and drink from typical hot dogs and soda, to fried rice and bubble tea.  The prices are very reasonable, so you don’t really have to worry about trying to find cheap food away from the con.

Upstairs was the gaming area.  Table top and board games, along with coloring books and even a Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament.  I didn’t get a chance to check the gaming area out, but it’s always a fun way to spend your time.

Game room is hopping.

Game room is hopping.

As for the rest of the facility, outside there was a Labyrinth, which I once again missed out on due to the weather, as well as VolleyBall, Soccer, and some picture booth displays to take those wacky con photos.  The weather was mostly ok, but because of the little rain we did end up getting, I really didn’t want to walk in the grass since my costume consisted of flip flops for footwear.

Inside there was one room dedicated to the manga library.  I was able to check out the room for a bit and was very happy with the selection on display.  Another room was set up showing anime like Inuyasha and Bleach.

The “green” room hosted smaller panels including techniques to improve cosplay, robotics, Japanese folk tales, and Steven Universe theories.  I missed out on these panels because I spent most of my time in the main conference room.

The main room was fun.  I missed out on the Ahhh! Video Game Cartoons panel because we got in a bit late, but I was able to catch the Pokemon Nintendo 3DS Party Panel.  Michele Knotz and Chris Smith bring together trivia and fun in this interactive panel getting people to think about all levels of the pokemon franchise.  Up next was Anime Parliament.  Always a fun panel. Kowaii II: Electric Karasu-tengu was up next.  Charles Dunbar puts on a great panel informing about the comical and bizarre world of yokai.  Lastly Michele is back with costar James Carter Cathcart talking about pokemon, voice acting, what goes on in the booth, and much more.

Double Vision, as Jesse and James cosplayers pose with their voice actor counterparts.

Double Vision, as Jesse and James cosplayers pose with their voice actor counterparts.

Clover Con is one of my favorite cons.  It has everything you want in a con, but it’s small enough that you can meet up and hang out with friends.  I try to go every year, meet up with friends, have fun, dress up, and just be around people that know what cons should be about.  There’s no drama and no stress.  It’s what con life should be like.

Your lovely Mako-chan in all her geeky glory.

Your lovely Mako-chan in all her geeky glory.


Pros – Inexpensive, and for a good cause.  Proceeds all go to help the local 4-H club.  It’s a fun atmosphere with activities for everyone.

Cons – The wifi.  The wifi should be set up exclusive to the main staff, artists, and dealers.  I know that was the biggest thing the vendors were talking about all weekend.  Attendees can go a few hours without wifi to ensure those that need it can actually use it.

Overall – Highly recommend this convention.  They grow and improve every year and are very open to listening to attendees.


Mako-chan isn’t just a writer and co-host… She’s also the resident baker and chef of all things yummy. Mako-chan has been working behind the scenes helping out where she can for the Podcast. Officially joining the team in November of 2011, first as a writer and editor, and later as an on air personality for the show, and now Assistant Editor, Mako-chan embraces the five main sureties in life that make a person great; Beauty, Intelligence, Talent, Creativity, and Honesty. ^_~

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