Heroes of Cosplay Episode 4 Review

Episode four of SyFy’s “Heroes of Cosplay” aired Tuesday night, though I watched it Wednesday. I actually watched the entire thing with some fast-forwarding during like… two minutes of one part. But this episode was a train wreck.

This week’s episode started out checking in on everybody, with Yaya working on a calendar (and learning why we don’t cinch a corset too tight), Monika seeking an internship with Blizzard, and yada-yada… Can you tell where I fast-forwarded?

Then it got into everyone choosing their costumes for Anime Matsuri. It was interesting to see what everyone chose and see, briefly, them construct pieces. Most of the people waited until last minute, so stuff was being created in hotel rooms (it happens a lot on this show, though). This is where a rather… touchy moment happened. Becky asked Monika if they could compete together at an upcoming convention. Monika stated that she “would be the last person she’d ever team up with because her craftsmanship isn’t up to par”. It was said poorly, thus it created another foot-in-mouth situation. We’ve touched on body-types in a previous episode and this one touched on elitism. Scripted, edited, whatever, it still came from her mouth. Always remember that.

Judging time came around, and I had a rage moment when they misspelled Rynn as “Ryn”. The judges looked over the costumes, making their commentary with some overly dramatic moments. We watched costumes fall apart, people admit to allergies of wigs they were wearing, and it just set everything up perfectly for the contest.

Right off the bat during the contest, Jessica has an allergic reaction to her wig and gets sick, vomiting into a trashcan. A huge deal is made about it, but it felt scripted. I could understand if she was having a reaction from being overly covered in costume, creating almost a heat stroke. I’ve been there for that, personally. But I’ve never seen an allergic reaction get to the point of puking unless you ingest something. So this scene? Take with a grain of salt.

Everyone performs their skits, awards are announced, and none of the “Heroes” place (hur hur, the winners were Colorado friends of mine. I feel so proud of them!), which causes everyone to be sad and mope back to their rooms. Except Becky. She goes to check on Jessica and tells Holly about the mean things Monika said, setting up for more… DRAMA. DUN DUN DUN.

After episode three was a bit of a breath of fresh air with the construction process and the toned down drama, this episode kind of ate that up, puked it back out, and handed it over as a gift. Grain of salt is gone. Just drink when you watch.

Pro: Uh… Seeing everyone pursue their dreams..? *squeaks* Actually, the only pro for me was watching pals from Colorado place Best in Show. Going to be honest.

Con: Everything else.

Overall: Break out the rum.


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