Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Special – 2nd Act


Edit: A link to the full fansub can now be found at the bottom of the article.

On August 4th, 5pm JPN time (4am EST) a second Sailor Moon 20th anniversary event was scheduled, and thanks to the wonderful people over at, the live stream will be viewable to those on their site!

While the announcement is supposed to include information on the new musical, the anime, and a variety of other Sailor Moon themed topics, many rumors have cropped up on just what the event will cover.

Many are hoping an official air date will be published for the start of the new anime, along with more information on global translation options, as we were told at last year’s event.  Some are hoping for the first performance by Momoiro Clover Z of the new opening theme.  Still others are hoping for information on just which seiyū will be coming back to work on the show.

Then there are those that are waiting on news about the new musical.  They hope that the Takarazuka themed show will do well, and with the very recent release of the full cast poster, are hoping that a special performance will be put on by them.

Finally, there are those collectors hoping to see new products and merchandise announced.

What follows is my interpretation from watching the stream, along with the translated announcements which are going to be updated as live as possible by the lovely crew of through their twitter.

The event starts out with a quick history of Sailor Moon, and a recap of what happened at the 1st NicoNico Sailor Moon 20th anniversary event.  It then goes onto the announcement of the musical, and how Naoko Takeuchi was involved in the audition process and goes over the cast for the musical.

A message from Naoko Takeuchi is read by Osabu.  She hopes that we’ll also enjoy the new musicals after decades of her fans loving the series.  He then goes on to talk about the musicals.

He also talked about the new kanzenban (complete) edition of the manga that will be available this fall, if all goes well, and how the subscribers to Nakayoshi magazine can pre-order figurines.  He goes over the figures and the pre-order dates for them as well.

What follows is more explanation of the figures, the URL to get more info about the figures, and continues on to the other new products, including the phone covers, the gashapon key chains, and the make-up.

First up is more information about the musical – La Reconquista.  The cast is then introduced.  Moon, Mars, and Venus show up in full costume.  Mar’s wig is purple in tone!  (The fuku look lighter compared to older musical costumes.)  Next up, the four generals are introduced and are also in full costume.  Tuxedo Kamen is on the screen and has a special announcement about how happy she is to be taking on this role.  She hopes everyone will enjoy the experience of having a female portray the typically masculine role.

The cast is assembled together for the first time and are sat down for their thoughts about the cast being all female, their experiences, and Sailor Moon in general.  Moon goes on to her experiences and the musical being a Takarazuka performance.  Kanon (Mars) talks about the audition and how she had to take an acting and dance test and how they made sure she could handle the acrobatics and the costuming.  The actress playing Makoto was with her through the whole process, so she was really happy for them both.  For the actress playing Venus, it was the first time she auditioned for a theatrical part.  The actress playing Zoisite talks about her past experience as a Takarazuka actress, and how it’s been a nostalgic experience, especially since she’s worked with the actress playing Tuxedo Kamen and is happy to get the chance to do so again.  Nephrite has a long history of playing male roles, but this is the first time for this type of musical, so she will do her best to do a good job.   Venus made Sailor Moon cosplay with her mom as a kid, so the costume isn’t so bad for her and talks about memories of pretending to be Sailor Moon.  Jadeite’s favorite character is Makoto.  They each talk about how they are like their characters.  Moon’s actress talks about how she is like Usagi, especially how she hates mornings.  She also lets everyone know that it’s the actress who play’s Venus’ birthday!

Next up is a performance from Momoiro Clover Z.  The girls are on a satellite feed with the actresses.  They each go through introductions, and then say their catch phrases.  MomoClo then sings Moonlight Densetsu.  They announce that the new anime will be out this winter and will be streaming on NicoNico douga and that they will be doing both the opening and ending themes.

Back to the studio to talk to the producer and composer for the musical, where the composer talks about how excited he is to be working with the Sailor Moon franchise, and how he has a long history of making anime music.

Osabu is back to give more news and help answer questions from the audience.  First question is about if the new musical will contain fan kan, kaiteban, etc events.  Answer is that they would like to, but aren’t trying to get too ahead of themselves because they are focused on the main production.  It all depends on how successful the new musical series will be.  Question of how an all female cast has male superiors running the show.  “I’m sorry I can’t be honest.” He quotes from Moonlight Densetsu.  He says that they’re taking all of Naoko’s requests seriously to keep her original spirit intact to make it a truly female series, and not just run by old guys.

“@Ayu: Usagi’s voice actor has actually not yet been decided, so they cannot announce it. #SailorMoon”

“@Ayu: #SailorMoon Regarding the anime story: The new anime will be based on the old one, but it’s not a remake.”


So, there you all go!  While there was not much talk at all on the anime, there was at least a lot of information about the musical.  I feel both excited and somewhat let down.  Take the quotes from Ayu with a grain of salt, as they were just retweets, but if it’s true that the voice actress for Usagi hasn’t even been chosen, were probably looking at a late winter release instead of early winter.  However I’m hoping the information is false.

As I did last time, when more information and a proper subtitled version of the stream becomes available, I will update this post and let you all know.

Again we’d like to thank (twitter @missdreamsubs) for their work and lack of sleep to get this information out to us fans as quickly as they did!  I’d also like to congratulate them on maxing out their twitter updates.  It just goes to show how much information they were actually translating on the spot!  Please feel free to check out their twitter for the live coverage to read about anything I may have missed.


Now I can nap until the Doctor Who reveal later on today.  ^_~

(Edits, spelling, and other fixes will be made after my well deserved nap.  <3)




Edit: As promised, here is a link to the fansub provided by!

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Nico Farre Event #2


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