Heroes of Cosplay Episode 3 Review

Episode three of SyFy’s “Heroes of Cosplay” aired Tuesday night, though I watched it Wednesday. I used my favored fast-forwarding technique to get through this episode, but was actually a bit more impressed with this one.

The episode started out with Yaya Han discussing her own action figure. All I could do during this point was seriously laugh hysterically. The idea is silly to me, but with the reveal of a video game coming out featuring cosplayers, maybe I’m missing something.

The majority of the episode focused on… *holds breath* THE ACTUAL CONSTRUCTION OF COSTUMES. I don’t even know! It was nice to FINALLY see this, even though we had to throw in the over-dramatic break-downs. But reality TV does that, so no surprise there.

More fast-forwarding, since I got tired of hearing borderline narcissism from everyone’s mouths.. And we’re to the competition at MegaCon! Everyone chose interesting costumes to make and compete in, some placing in runner-up positions. I was a little irate that Jessica said she was the only person she knew that had done the bald version of Tank Girl.. >.> One of the first was actually Jia Jem, who ended up shaving her head for the costume. Either way, Jessica’s costume, along with everyone’s, were well-done and presented nicely. Everyone was pretty humble with their wins, which was nice to see.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… Take things with a grain of salt from this series. Competitions are stressful, but not everyone goes to the extreme with it. And then there’s editing. C’mon kids, this is reality TV.

Pro: Seeing the construction and watching construction take place. Also, Yaya’s “surprised face”.

Con: Drama-llama invading the show some more, and LAWL, the “action figure”.

Overall: This time, a sense of humor and fast-forwarding. At least I was somewhat amused and entertained this time around.


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