Heroes of Cosplay Episode 2 Review

Episode two of SyFy’s “Heroes of Cosplay” aired Tuesday night, though I watched it Wednesday. I fully admit I could only make it through the first 15 minutes of the first episode before I got annoyed, but decided to give this episode a chance since it was at Emerald City Comic Con. I had seen the explosion of drama over some commentary in the episode, and after hearing all sides, I decided I needed to watch it for myself.

I fully admit… I fast-forwarded through a good portion of the episode. A lot of the people involved in the show grate on my nerves, but I truly think most of it is the editing for reality TV. Then they got to Chloe. I fell in love with her adorable personality and outlook. Good job, SyFy, now I have a show favorite. I watched anything involving her, since it seems like she’s the only one not “jaded” by competitions. Again, that’s how it appears, since we all need to keep in mind this is reality television.

I watched the part where Monika and Yaya discussed Monika’s costume choice, and as such, Jessica Nigri came up. Yaya is entitled to her opinion, but the fallout from her commentary has been astounding. Honestly, it was worded poorly more than anything, but it got the reaction the show wanted. It is what it is.

I also watched the dinner at the convention where another series of infamous statements were made. Everyone was discussing cosplay pet peeves, and Riddle stated that the one for her was when people didn’t cosplay appropriate to their body-type. She gave an example, and Chloe spoke up, asking why they should care. Everyone pointed out it was because of the ridicule they would more than likely receive on the internet. Now, while this was another valid opinion, this is another “putting one’s foot into their mouth”. It was worded poorly, with a bad example, and then emphasized by everyone exclaiming cosplay is “serious business”, with only Chloe questioning it. To me, this just showed a lot of these cosplayers are jaded; pure and simple.

Then I moved to the ECCC competition, which I already knew the outcome as I had friends compete and watch back when it occurred. It was fun to see the questions asked by the judges and watch the responses. You also got to see the reality of competition; not everyone wins. There is always potentially someone better. The lesson from this? Work hard, have fun, and BE HUMBLE. You want an example from this episode? Chloe. She complimented everyone, talked about how much fun she had, and her excitement. THAT IS HOW COMPETITIONS SHOULD BE. Never go in expecting to win, because you’ll honestly be disappointed more often than not.

Again, take things with a grain of salt from this series. Competitions are stressful, but not everyone goes to the extreme with it. And then there’s editing. C’mon kids, this is reality TV.

Pro: Chloe. I could just put her on a shelf and keep her forever. Her adorkable boyfriend may be pissed, but he can deal.

Con: Drama and a lot of foot-in-mouth situations.

Overall: An open mind is needed. And possibly my fast-forwarding technique.


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