Sailor Moon, Licensed by Funimation?

One the world’s worst rumors in the anime industry is that Funimation has acquired the rights to Sailor Moon.  We wait for the big cons like A-kon, Anime eXpo, Otakon, SDCC, NYCC for them to make the grand announcement.

An upcoming Canadian convention recently announced Stephanie Morganstern as a guest.  In the video posted below, she puts a call out to get the entire Sailor Moon cast to appear.

Now take a look at the end of the video.  If you missed it, please take a look at this screen shot…


As you can see, it says that Funimation has the rights to Sailor Moon.  As per my contact at Funimation, I was told that they DO NOT have the rights to Sailor Moon.

After this video was posted, the origin site with this information Sailor Moon News, is swamped.  Don’t bother going there right now, because Unplugged Expo has posted an updated video.

UPDATE: As of this article being posted, the site is no longer swamped.

This is an updated video that was posted.  There was an error in the original video, which is the date of their expo.  But as you can see, it still states that Funimation has the rights to Sailor Moon, but this is not true at all.

I was also told that the new anime has been postponed to 2015.  As for that part, we are taking with a grain of salt and will investigate to find out what’s the truth is about that.

UPDATE 2: After speaking with the people that made the original videos in this article, they will change said videos to remove that Funimation own the rights to Sailor Moon.  As of this moment the US/Canadian rights have reverted back to Toei.

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One Response to “Sailor Moon, Licensed by Funimation?”

  1. JB says:

    Hey 0AnimeVortex0 here,

    When we put the videos together we did a quick search as to who owned the rights to SM. Since DIC was out and ADV was defunct the list pointed to Funi. In our haste to post up the teaser we made a FEW mistakes (as noted in our first video). It was only after when folks started asking us DIRECTLY if we knew about the Funi connection and if it were true that we finally understood what was going on.

    Can someone please tell us who currently holds the license? Would really love to know so we can update the video!

    Thanks guys! Hope to see you at Unplugged a Weekend of Awesome 2!

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