Misa On Wheels Presents – Anime Boston 2012!

While we were partying it up at PAX East, the lovely Misa on Wheels wrote up her Anime Boston 2012 report for us. Check it out! ^^

Anime Boston 2012 was officially amazing!

I spent most of the con wandering and checking out all of the amazing cosplayers.  From internet references to your favorite Pokemon, everyone seemed to be represented.  As a cosplayer, Anime Boston is all you could ever want: wonderful people to meet, a great venue for photos, and plenty of other cosplayers to share tips with!

The dealer’s room seems to get bigger every year, and their is never a shortage of epic things to buy.  I personally found some great bargains on colorful figures for my collection and got a few things I wasn’t sure of in a grab-bag that I later traded at the swap-meet on Saturday night.  Anime Boston’s shopping always has everything to satisfy any anime fan’s needs.  And, of course, gaming fans…sci-fi fans…and any branch of geekery one can imagine.  If you can dream it up, then it is probably in the dealer’s room!

Artist Alley was also quite impressive, with stunning creations from wall to wall for con-goers to both purchase and walk around as if in a museum.  There were many familiar artists as well as some new guests to the convention.  It is always one of the most crowded rooms and for so many good reasons!
Although I did not have a chance to attend any of the panels this year had to offer, the variety of topics was extremely impressive, and I did not hear a single negative comment from attendees after coming out of one.  This also goes for the various movies and anime screenings, which served as a great escape from the crowded hallways. 
And for those who wished they could be two places at once, there was a camera “portal” set up on the second floor, linking a glance of PAX East to our very own Anime Boston!  Attendees from each con could see each other live and get a glimpse into what seemed like a whole different world! 
A friend of mine from Cosplay In America told me that he often asks people what they love most about Anime Boston, and the answer was almost always “the people.”  He was surprised by this answer, but I was not.  Both the guests and the staff always seem friendly and helpful, making the experience at Anime Boston truly an awesome one year after year. 

Misa is a wonderful cosplayer who doesn’t let anything stop her.  You can check out her Facebook Page here – http://www.facebook.com/MisaOnWheels

DJ Ranma S

DJ Ranma S is cosplay veteran. He has won numerous performance awards with his friends over the years. He has staffed conventions in the past, ran panels, judged a couple of masquerades, a jack of all trades. He's worked dealer's room too! Running this site is his way of giving back to the cosplay community. He feels that it's his turn to give a future cosplayer their fifteen minutes of fame.

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