Cosplay Queen Saya passed away

We here at Anime Jam Session are sad to report that a renowned cosplayer by the name Saya passed away. News of her death was confirmed by her younger sister; Saya died on March 15th, but given the circumstances both in Japan and with her being understandably shook up, it wasn’t made public right away. Saya’s death was the result of an accident; however, the details of the accident have yet to be ascertained.

Before her death, Saya herself debunked rumors that she had either a) died as a result of the earthquake or b) committed suicide.

Among her last cosplays before her death was Panty (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt).

Ari Rockefeller

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One Response to “Cosplay Queen Saya passed away”

  1. nallkun says:

    Before her death Saya debunked rumors of how she died?

    That doesn’t even make sense. If her death was an accident how did she know how she was going to die? lol

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