Castle Point Anime Con 2022: A Modern Anime Con with a Nostalgic Vibe

Castle Point Anime 2022  took place in the New Jersey Meadowlands Exposition Center on Saturday, April 30th, through Sunday, May 1st. This con is run by college students from  the nearby Stevens Institute of Technology. 

It is CPAC’s second year at the Meadowlands and my first year attending this event overall. Although the day did start off rocky, with (somewhat) of a  stressful bus ride over and some hotel mishaps, walking on the con floor made me step back and relax. This con brought back memories of my first few years of attending events.  Between the tall black cloth dividers sorting the events and even the layout of the building itself, I felt strangely… at home. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same company who worked on this con center also built the now-defunct Garden State Exhibit Center. 

#556: So If You Kill it With Fire…

Long lost footage of Saban’s Sailor Moon is found! Also, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film takes the top spot, known sexual predator Vic Mignogna loses his appeal, and anime DVD/BR media sales slump in Japan. Rozen Maiden celebrates 20 years with a special exhibit, and voice actors pay tribute to Kenji Utsumi in documentary. Meanwhile in Japan… An update on the Gifu fish pond, and the Japanese government worried about young people drinking?!

Roselia Einheit: Virtual Concert Review

Opening Act:

-The Concert went straight into the performance of the D4DJ group, Merm4id, who began with two cover songs. The transition between the songs was smooth and the group had a unique stage presence that was rather quirky, perhaps even a bit odd at times. They were very energetic and different. I have not listened to much D4DJ music before, but found the music to be catchy and upbeat. I don’t think this group was for me, yet I was intrigued by how unique they were and wanted to look more into other groups by this franchise.

#555: Pondering… Nah, Just Pondering.

DJ Ranma S has some thoughts on the Bleach licensing… Comiket 100 with high numbers! Also, Flame Con hosts Rica Takashima, and Yoshihiro Togashi health update! Plus, French voice actor was released from a dubbing project over a fandub, the newest BanG Dream band releases 1st single, and Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair launches crowdfunding for continued development! Meanwhile in Japan… New love hotel allows you to live out your yakuza fantasy, the tastiest guitar that ever shredded, and glasses that can halt or reverse nearsightedness?!

#554: Oh The Irony of it All.

We discuss the Crunchyroll/Right Stuf Anime acquisition, one of The iDOLM@STER アイドルマスター games closing shop, and Studio GONZO announces their 30th anniversary plans! Also, a fan gets Type Moon creators to change Comiket Japan‘s distribution plans, Discotek Media puts their Tokusatsu releases on its own line, and Hot Topic teams up with Studio Ghibli for a new fashion store! And… Rose tells us her thoughts about Otakon, and what happened at Puchi Con (again). Meanwhile in Japan… A brewing company plans to simulate making beer in outer space, a break-in of a small amount of product stolen shuts down a business, and a man is arrested for driving without a license for 50 years?!

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