#623: You Know What? Let’s Try it Again.

On tonight’s show… We discuss WcDonalds becoming a reality, two of the largest manga piracy websites are offline, and a co-founder of the first North American anime club and one of the founders of Furry fandom passes… Also, ⁠Crunchyroll⁠ offers compensation for digital copy owners, confirms AI subtitling testing, and no price changes except for ⁠Funimation⁠ legacy subscribers. Lastly, a voice actress deletes Twitter over hate messages caused by false accusations, and ⁠Gundam⁠ creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino returns to anime! Meanwhile in Japan, a cursed festival to be filmed for the first time, in-flight ⁠KitKat⁠s discontinued by an airline, and an ATM will automatically play anti-fraud videos for people on their cellphones?!

#622: That Thing You Did Do.

Texas A-Kon postponed, MediaOCD acquires AnimEigo, and Pokémon gets a Time Magazine cover set as well as lighting up the night sky in NYC! Also, an animator survey reveals yearly salary and average hours worked, and the numbers are exactly how you’d think, TOYOTA releases an Initial D-inspired series trailer, and Tokyo gets new Sailor Moon manhole covers! Meanwhile in Japan… A vending machine begins selling old bread, and doctors recommend acting like a dying cockroach to help with hay fever?!

#621: “Weird Al” Wasn’t Referring to the Snow

AnimeNext 2024 was canceled, the Funimation app shut down as the Crunchyroll app took over, and the loss of digital “purchases”. Also, a man was sentenced to a year in prison over threats against a voice actor, the Knuckles live-action series spinoff gets a trailer and streaming date, and Trigun manga delayed until fall?! Meanwhile in Japan, a park offers love confession plans, a Yakuza member extorts money from a ninja, and thieves arrested for stealing, came to Japan just to do it?!

#620: Now That’s a Bit Too Potent

Konami‘s anime studio released a Yu-Gi-Oh! anniversary video, an anime streaming website has been added to a government watchlist, and The most popular manga app in 2023 is not the one people will most think of… Also, websites “hacked” to mark the Laughing Man incident date, the Sailor Moon musical gets 1st new production in 4 years, and Scott Pilgrim along with Super Mario Bros. nominated for ACE Eddie Awards! Meanwhile in Japan… SEGA‘s successor opened a new arcade with a bar inside, and a principal was fired for stealing less than 5 dollars worth of coffee?!

#619: Space Constraints.

Ghost In The Shell Laughing Man Incident timeline is about to start, the SPYxANYA video game will be released globally, and The Pokémon Company will look into possible IP infringement. Also, Kyoto court hands down sentencing in arson case, 11 people arrested for game console resale scam, and a Love Live School Idol Project writer unveils original anime film! Meanwhile in Japan… A festival requested naked men cover up for the first time in its history, and Setsubun Luck sushi rolls just for your pets!

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