Episode 428 : Party in NYC! AnimeNYC in Review!

On tonight’s episode, DJ Ranma S tells us about his adventures at Anime NYC 2019! Then in local news, we have the update on Vic’s lawsuit… Haven’t we dragged this on enough already? Star Wars kabuki play, and Peter Cullen receives lifetime achievement award! Meanwhile in Japan, 130 yen for a cheap hotel room with a catch… You can now have A drink at the Olympics… Japan’s heat solution for the Olympics is a step back…

Episode 427 : While We We’re Gone…

Tonight, we discuss Shikkaricon 2019, and the Youmacon Artists Alley debacle! Meanwhile in Japan… Is that JoJo reference… A man created his own biohazard… And a woman tricked out of her money and underwear?!

BronyCon 2019: First and Last

It’s sad to say that my first official BronyCon was it’s last. I was able to make one of the earlier conventions when still hosted our of Secaucus, NJ. I was unable to get a ticket for that year, but because of the area, there was actually a rather large group converging outside. The weather was warm, but not unbearable so I was able to dress up and interact with some of the fans in that way.

Another Anime Convention 2019 – New England States Bingo

I’ve found myself going to fewer anime conventions than I’d prefer as of late, but to compensate for the quantity, I try to maximize the quality of my experiences at whichever convention I’m at for any particular weekend. A familiar convention in an unfamiliar locale (again) was just what I needed, come to think of it.

Podcast Hiatus.

I am letting you know that the podcast is going on a short break for a couple of weeks. My computer suffered a major crash, and basically all of my data is gone. I am in the process of doing a data recovery. I strongly believe that I will have an 85% recovery. So, until I am able to recover my con photos and everything I need for the podcast, the show will be going on a short break. We will be back soon, and that’s a promise!

Since the initial crash, my recovery efforts hasn’t been as good as I expected. I will be sending out the drives for recovery.

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