#529: The 2021 Christmas Special.

It’s our holiday special! Grab some holiday punch and snacks! Join DJ Ranma SMako-chanKoibug, and IchigoGami as they talk holiday shenanigans, chaos, the good and bad times, and as they reflect back on what was 2021… Plus, Ask the AJS Staff Questions! Also, an interesting holiday story from Japan!

#528: Coming Down the Holiday Wire.

A YouTuber gets 150 copyright claims from Toei AnimationCowboy Bebop live action gets canceled,  and more discussions with Kyoto Animation regarding the memorial. Also, renowned anime screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto passes away, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba gets criticized for polyamory, and six animes eligible for the Academy Awards! Meanwhile in Japan, all boys high school with mandatory grooming lessons, the largest maid café coming to Akihabara, and a teenager’s night goes from bad to worse by trying to impress…

Another Anime Fest 2021 – It’s Not Different At All! Is It, Weebs?!

When the plague times befell upon our world, there was a lot of concern all over the place. Most of it was in the right place—worrying about the health of loved ones, vulnerable ones especially, fear over catching the disease yourself, if and how one’s employment would be effected and how would one keep money coming in, and taking a long, deep, introspective look in to whether or not working for a bastardly employer who sees employees as resources to be exploited and treats salaries as just another expense to minimize was something that was really one’s goal in life after all. But, because our world is besot with scumbags, some people had their priorities horribly misplaced—mostly between finding ways to profit off of scaremongering and ignorance and crying about how they’re supposed to live without their precious fast casual dining and going to the movies. And yes, our fandom is no different in this regard.

That’s right, when conventions were shelved due to not wanting to spread the disease any more than it already had been, a lot of people were upset…for the very wrongest reasons. Screw wanting to protect others and not spreading the disease to someone close to you, I wanna go to my cons, damn it!

Needless to say, this is the wrong mindset to have.

#527: Not a Redo… But a Redo.

Update on COVID at Anime NYCExcel Saga manga gets a 25th anniversary one-shot, and the Urusei Yatsura opening gets a reboot. Plus, Kizuna AI(official) is on indefinite hiatus, live action Mega Man from Netflix, and the world’s biggest anime shop! Meanwhile in Japan, a bus driver chases down a groper, a middle school leaflet asks students to write down their social media passwords, and police refund over a million yen due to misplaced sign?

#525: A Bit of Anime NYC, and Lot of Turkey.

DJ Ranma S discusses his take on Anime NYC and Mako-chan covers a couple of interesting news tidbits from the con! Also, The Slayers in audiobook form, Kojima Productions (小島プロダクション)  expands into TV and film, J-pop star LiSA wins Song of the Year, and more 2.5 Stage Plays! Meanwhile in Japan, police station evacuated due to a bombshell, NESCAFÉ wants to keep you warm in the cold, and a local park’s Engrish is quite interesting!

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