#633: The Cray Cray in Crazy.

Crunchyroll⁠ shows issues with closed captions, ⁠Toonami⁠ brings back a retro block of anime, and ⁠Hello Kitty⁠ x ⁠Yu-Gi-Oh!⁠ toys go worldwide. Also, Precure and ⁠蜡笔小新 Crayon Shin Chan⁠ invade each other’s anime, ⁠Netflix⁠ reveals ⁠The Terminator⁠ anime premieres worldwide at the end of August, and Summer Wars gets a 15th-anniversary screening this summer! Meanwhile in Japan, A man is told to wear a suit for the wedding party and comes dressed as a Gundam, and a study finds an overabundance of errors in transitions to help foreign tourists…

#632: Gotta Keep Em Separated… I Think?

DJ Ranma S⁠ gives a brief review of ⁠Castle Point Anime Convention⁠, so tune in for that! Also, a GoFundMe is set up for a ⁠Pokémon⁠ voice actress, a possible sequel to ⁠Neon Genesis Evangelion⁠, the creator weighs in, and Soul Eater gets a 20th-anniversary art exhibition! Plus, cosplaying cats is ⁠Sanrio⁠‘s newest product release, and Canada gets its first official ⁠Hello Kitty⁠ Café! Meanwhile in Japan… Enjoy your time at a hot spring for under a dollar, but you have to give them 3 hours of your time, a hotel made famous from Lost in Translation to close for an extended period, and the Mexican embassy creates a map of Mexican restaurants across Japan!

#631: Bold of You to Assume That.

Crunchyroll⁠ increases their subscription costs, a voice actor asks not to be asked about ‘shipping’ characters and ⁠Urusei Yatsura⁠ collaborates with a train event! Also, ⁠Magic: The Gathering⁠ pays homage to ⁠Cowboy Bebop⁠, the ⁠pixiv⁠ art platform blocks adult content in US and UK, and a ⁠Looney Tunes⁠ voice actor takes part in anime memes! Meanwhile in Japan, a Foreign traveler is caught trying to sneak into Japan and a city loses residents’ personal papers due to wind?!

Zenkaikon 2024: A Gothic Academia Theme… with a Side of EDM?

Zenkaikon is an anime convention founded back in 2006, when two events Kosaikon and Zenthracon merged into what it is today. The convention has almost a twenty-year history and now is known primarily for its location in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

I have mentioned the great food options in past years, and I’d be remiss to not bring this again! 

#630: Pass That Shovel Here, I Have a Use For It.

A piracy site forced to pay, big time, the ⁠Yuri on ICE⁠ movie is canceled, and ⁠Frieren⁠ gets the Escape Room treatment! Also tonight, the ⁠Spy x Family⁠ movie gets a collectible cup and popcorn bucket in the US, YOASOBI brings some East Coast dates on their tour of the US, and Hayao Miyazaki makes ⁠TIME⁠ magazine’s 100 most influential People list! Meanwhile in Japan… New money puts ramen restaurants under pressure, apologies for threats don’t get you out of trouble, and get some explosive cosplay shots at the upcoming Baku Festival!

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