Cosplay Interview with Keera Jeanne

It’s time once more for another cosplayer interview! This next one, shared from Cosplay Blog with a Brain, is an interview with Keera Jeanne! She’s a talented gal from Colorado, who loves expanding her work into new aspects of the hobby!


Keera Jeanne

What’s your cosplay alias and why did you choose it?
Keera Jeanne. Jeanne is my middle name and Keera is an Irish name meaning beautiful. I wanted to connect to my Irish heritage more.

How many years have you been cosplaying and what got you started?
I’ve been costuming for 8 years and got into it because of some friends that went to conventions. I loved creating things and to be able to recreate a character I loved was amazing. It eventually became an escape from the military life.

What has been some of your favorite things to work with when constructing costumes and why?
I love fabrics but I have just started working with 3D printing and I have found it’s a great way to add things to a costume that’s a bit stronger. It’s cool to play with different materials and programs to create a costume.


Keera Jeanne as Yuna from Final Fantasy X

What are you excited to be working with in the future and why?
Since I’m starting to get into bigger costumes now that I’m out of the military, I’m excited to start working with worbla for different armored costumes. I also want to learn some mechanics so I can start making moving and lighting parts.

What are some of the traits you like to see in other costumes and who do you think does well in them?
The big pieces are amazing. They are so intricate and when they get the pieces to move, I’m amazed at the intricacies involved. The armor pieces always impress me as well. Maul Cosplay does some incredible work. He looks just like the character and has so much fun while doing it.

What is your view of the “cosplay scene”?
It used to be a lot more inclusive and happy. Sadly, I think because it’s in the public eye more and more and some news people are making fun of people, it’s become less enjoyable. There’s this pressure to have it perfect or only do mainstream characters. I’m still doing cosplay but it’s sad sometimes because I do hear some nastiness because I am on the heavier side.

What are some of the things you want to see change in the scene?
Negative images. People are doing it to have fun and become someone they admire, leave ‘em alone and encourage positivity within the media. Don’t let it become the mean girls of society.


Keera Jeanne as Red Riding Hood, photo by Rick Wagner

What is some advice you could give people starting to get into cosplay?
Have fun. If you think it doesn’t look good enough, ignore that because you are going to make someone else feel amazing just by seeing the character they love.

What are some of your favorite conventions you’ve attended and why?
Dragon Con was my first and favorite. It has a bit of everything and it’s got some really cool people. It has gotten so big it’s a bit hard to attend but it’s fantastic. Denver Comic Con is good but a bit too crowded for the venue they are in. London MCM was really cool and not too crowded for a very small venue and are very understanding and work with you when things change last minute.

Give a random fact about one of your costumes that you’re proud of!
So my most recent costume was a transformation. It was so crazy and so much fun to make. The funniest part is I was in the costume contest at Denver Comic Con and everyone that didn’t get close to me couldn’t tell that it was and I got a bunch of disgusted looks until after. It’s so fun!


Keera Jeanne as Anastasia from Anastasia

Thanks for the interview, Keera Jeanne! You can check out her Facebook page here and her Instagram page here!


A cosplayer for over a decade now, Yunie is a giant nerd who still pretends she’s cool. She runs several sites on her own, including Engi no Shouzoku! Cosplay, Cosplay Blog with a Brain, and her store, Yunie’s Designs. An avid fan of fellow nerds, Yunie loves attending conventions and dorking around in costumes with all types. Oh, and if there’s shenanigans, even better!

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