New Sports Anime Review, Prince of Stride

This series is a newer sports anime. The sport is kind of like a more extreme version of a relay race, called Stride. A team of runners have a track set throughout the town. This series follows a Stride club at Honan Academy as they try and win the tournament.


The group consists of 5 runners and a relationer, someone who guides them through the area. They have rival schools and of course, drama that come into play as this team tries to not only get their team together, but to win it all and be champions.

Overall, I liked the anime. I did watch it subbed because a dub had not been announced at the time I saw it. I enjoyed the character development and the overall story. It is your typical sports anime in terms of them having trouble getting a team together, someone knows another racer on the other team etc…

You can watch it here The opening theme is pretty cool and the animation is really smooth. I also looked at the dub cast list recently and plan on watching it dubbed at some point because I think they picked a great list of people.

Rose Rappaport

I have been an anime fan for over 20 years, I have my BA in Japanese language and culture and I cosplay.

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