Get ready to count those Double Dollars; A Trigun Review

One of the best anime in the business. Trigun.

This series follows Vash the Stampede, the man with a bounty of 60 billion double dollars. He is known as The Humanoid Typhoon for a reason, he lays waste to everything he touches. They say he’s a womanizer, and if you meet him, you’re as good as dead.

In actuality, Vash is a happy-go-lucky guy who fights for love and peace…and maybe some doughnuts. He gains companions, who happen to be insurance agents sent to follow him around to help minimize the damage to any town he goes into and later, a priest who carries his cross on his back.

The big issue here is, because of Vash’s bounty, he has tons of assassins after him, but he vows not to kill anyone. Will someone be able to take his head and turn it in for the bounty?

This series came out in 1998 and to this day I get mad at people who have not seen it. I then pretty much throw my DVDs in their face and sit them down. This series is pure gold!! I have seen it many times dubbed and I have seen most of it subbed. Personally, I liked the dub better, but if you’re someone who has yet to see this series, and you only watch subs, please just watch it. The music is super, the characters are beautiful and the story is timeless.

The big name in the dub is Johnny Yong Bosch as Vash. I have to say, this is one of his best roles in my opinion and will forever be the role I remember him as. You can view the whole cast, both dub and sub here: and you can watch it dub or sub here

I also want to add in that there is a movie called Badlands Rumble. It’s a movie made much later and it’s not as good as the main series. It takes place somewhere in the middle of the series (I had to learn that the hard way…I was hoping it took place after the series or after an event that happened in the series). It doesn’t do much for the show, but you shouldn’t watch it before you see the actual show. I watched this when it came out on Adult Swim, so I am pretty sure it is on hulu.

Also, be sure to watch out in the 26 episodes for the “hidden Mickey” also known as the cat, Kuroneko. It shows up in every episode!!




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I have been an anime fan for over 20 years, I have my BA in Japanese language and culture and I cosplay.

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