Snow White with the Red Hair… When Disney Meets Anime!

I found this series because I was looking for something to watch dubbed that was still being updated. I had heard this series mentioned over facebook because I follow several voice actors and actresses I have met in the past. It just so happened that a bunch of those people were in this series, so I assumed it was gonna be awesome…and it was.

This series is a shoujo series about a girl named Shirayuki (Snow White in Japanese) and she has red hair that is apparently a rare color. She runs an herb shop in her home town until the day the prince of her kingdom demands her to become his concubine. She refuses, cuts her hair and runs away and is saved by prince from another kingdom. To repay her debt to him, she ends up trying to work in the court as an herbalist.

It’s a super cute love story with the typical attempts to hinder the couple at all times. The art and overall feel of the story reminds me of Romeo X Juliet, which I loved. If you’re looking for a cute and somewhat short (24 episode) series, this one was great.

I really did enjoy the voice acting, Funimation is doing a great job with their dubs (with very few exceptions). So if you like dubs, or just prefer to watch this one subbed, I still think you will enjoy the series.

If you do enjoy it, there is also a second season out and dubbed, as well as subbed. As of now, I don’t think there are any ways to buy this on DVD, but when it comes out, it is going on my wish list.

You can watch it on hulu:

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