Oshiete, Galko Chan (Teach Me, Galko Chan) Anime Review; This one’s for the ladies

Oshiete, Galko chan
This anime is a newer series and nowhere close to a traditional series.

This series is aimed at the women and talks about personal issues women face about their bodies and other sexual topics, but in a comical light. Galko chan is also a mature anime, so you have been warned. I suggest 18+.

The other interesting thing about this series, is that if you were interested in watching it, it’s only 12 episodes and each episode is 7 minutes. Talk about a mini marathon.

The premise of the series is about these girls in a classroom setting. Galko, a big boobed blonde girl and her 2 friends, Ojou, a rich girl and Otako, a strange girl just sit around and talk about life. I can best describe this as a mature version of Lucky Star.

A funny thing about their names are they are nick names to go with their personalities. Galko is like a “gal”, Ojou in Japanese usually refers to an heiress, which her family is wealthy, and Otako comes from Otaku. Based on that, you can get an idea of how this series will be.

There are other characters too, Galko has a sister, and there are other kids in the class. They just are background characters and are just there to add to the main characters daily lives. The kids in the class are there to provide the main characters with other interactions outside the main cast. Since most of the guys talk about rumors and girls, the main cast either dispel the rumors or build on top of the conversations.

I doubt this series will get a dub because of multiple reasons: I can’t see this type of show selling many copies. In terms of anime that this is similar to, Panty and Stocking didn’t sell too well in the states, but did very well in Japan. I can’t imagine a series like this taking off in the US. I also don’t think there’s a market in terms of merch, so aside from the DVDs and manga, I can’t see this series getting figures, plushies etc…Because of that, I don’t think it’s worth it to spend the time translating it, dubbing it and then trying to sell DVDs and Blu-rays of it in the US.

Because the series is so short, there’s not too much to say about it, but if you’re uncomfortable around issues women have (like actual conversations about breasts and sexual questions), then this isn’t your anime. It’s light hearted and funny too, just not an anime I would suggest for work or other public places (unless you know Japanese and don’t need the subs).

You can watch it here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/search?from=search&q=galko+chan

Oshiete, Galko Chan

Oshiete, Galko chan


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