Burst Angel Anime Review

This anime takes place in the future where crime is an issue. Now, people are allowed to carry firearms. The story focuses on mercenaries and their part time cook who gets caught up in a crazy whirlwind.

The series is 24 episodes and I watched this in English. Overall, this was a great series. It had action, adventure, and girl with guns. What more can you ask for in a series? The cast is also pretty awesome. You can not go wrong with Greg Ayres, Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi and so many other wonderful talents of the dub scene.

I also have to mention the opening and ending themes. The opening, is just catchy. It grabs you by the collar and just pulls you into the show while the ending just pats you on the back and waits for you to repeat the process.

The characters are very memorable too; Jo is quiet, but bad ass, Meg is loud and proud, Sei is mysterious and Amy is just adorable, while poor Kyouhei is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, if you are able to get this series, prepare yourself for a wild ride. Just relax and enjoy.

I found this series through the Funimation channel and didn’t know what to think about it. I just simply watched each week waiting for more. I remember reading that there are OVAs and other things, but they are tough to find. I also (rarely) see someone cosplaying from this series at a convention and get really happy because this series was (like many other great shows) glossed over by the American audience.

I have seen some cosplayers from this series from time to time and when I do see them, I kinda get happy. It’s so rare to see people cosplaying series that were not a “big name” in anime, so I salute those who do cosplay and/or have even heard of this series.

Burst Angel

Burst Angel


Rose Rappaport

I have been an anime fan for over 20 years, I have my BA in Japanese language and culture and I cosplay.

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