Ayane’s High Kick Review

Ayane’s High Kick

It’s a 2 episode OVA about a girl, Ayane, who wants to be a pro wrestler, but ends up getting tricked into being a kickboxer. Ayane is your typical tomboy, who eats, sleeps and breathes pro wrestling, but actually isn’t that great at the sport. Because she has such a single minded goal, she is easily fooled by a kickboxing trainer. He leads her into thinking that she’s training to be the next big name in pro wrestling, when he is mostly focusing on leg training.

This had so much potential to becoming a full series. I would have loved to see things like her training and the issues she has at school turn into a 12 or even 26 episode series. They could have had her participate in tournaments and become the best kickboxer in the world, but they only let us get 2 episodes.

If sports anime had been huge back in 1997 like it is now, this would be a hit. It’s funny, serious, kick-ass…you name it and they try to pack it all into an hour! If I can generate enough buzz, maybe someone will be able to bring this old series back (wishful thinking).

I watched this dubbed and absolutely loved it. I sometimes forget how great the older series were in terms of the voice casts. I also enjoyed the music. If you’re a fan of newer anime, this most likely will be either boring or just plain disappointing, but for those who enjoy the classics, this is one of the diamonds in the rough that never really got to shine. It’s on the cliche side, but again, that’s what makes the older anime so wonderful.

There’s also a manga, I can not find it anywhere though. I hope to be able to read it sometime.

Ayane's High Kick

Ayane’s High Kick


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