Zenkaikon Cosplay 2015

Something a little different from me this time. While the general contention report was already done, I’ve decided to do a little cosplay report to highlight some of my favorites during the weekend of Zenkaikon.

As you all know, Zenkaikon took place between March 27th and 29th. While growing in popularity over the years, Zenkaikon brings a huge mixture of variety in cosplay. This seems to be a con in which people experiment; crossovers, old school animation, and creative twists on popular shows.

Now, we all have vastly different ideas on what makes a great cosplay. Some look only at how well the costume is put together. Some look for how well the character comes together, and yet others just look to see if that person is having fun. Me, I like to see creativity, but I like to see the character recognizable. I also think that cosplay is accessible to everyone, no matter the age, body type, race, or gender.
I chose my favorite cosplay for each day, and one overall cosplay. My choices may not be what others will truly see as the best, but each one stood out and was unique to me in their own way.

Friday was difficult. I had a hard choice to make, but instead of something from one of my favorite classic anime, I chose to showcase that age is just a number. These two have been seen at various cons and continue to put their all into these characters. I couldn’t just choose one over the other, because they both show that you don’t have to grow up. Kaede from Inuyasha and Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Two great characters!


Lady Kaede from InuYasha


Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender












Saturday was a hands down no contest. I have loved Powerpuff Girls since it first aired, and my favorite villain from the series is HIM. With the resurgence of love over the series since the announcement of the reboot, I had been hoping to see some classic PPG cosplay and was not disappointed!


HIM from The Powerpuff Girls


Sunday was difficult, but I went with these lovely ladies dressed in nice fluffy Lolita fashion. I love Lolita styles, all Lolita style. While these outfits look simple, these can actually be quite intricate when you look closer. You have to match all your accessories to the style and story you’re trying to showcase in your outfit.


Two amazing lolitas

My overall favorite is this little gem. Sailor Mar from Sailor Moon. For this, it’s not just the oufit that pulls the cosplay together, but the attitude and the entire show. As you can see, she plays with fire. Bringing something like this into the cosplay mix really makes you stand out.


Sailor Mars from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon


There was so much cosplay at Zenkaikon, it really was difficult to choose my favorites. Did I want to go with something classic that somebody remembered and loved? Did I want to go with full armor? Did I want to go with something new? As I said, tough choices. But you can make your own decision by taking a look at our photos from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


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