New Sailor Moon Logo Revealed!

Update: Logo has been confirmed by Miss Dream Subs!  Follow them for a complete breakdown and update!

New AJS staffer Dark Tetsuya sent over a link from the fine people over at Sailor Moon Collectables what could be the new logo for the new Sailor Moon anime!


Possible new Sailor Moon logo

Title translates to “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal”.  On the official Sailor Moon website, there are only eight days left until what could be all the information in regards to the series is revealed.

From my personal view, I honestly think that this could be a hoax, or an image posted to throw everyone off.  It has been confirmed by Scarlet Rhapsody that this image has been popping up on different sites.  Also the these sites in question, do not point to an original source.  I feel that that the logo for the new anime is going to be based off of the current revamped logo that has been seen on various merchandise like so…

Current PGSM logoUntil then, the best we can do is wait and see.

EDIT:  That is the confirmed logo as leaked from the official website (direct url to new logo) and Miss Dream!  Also if you look at the image posted below, you’ll see a redesigned Sailor Moon, which looks close on with Naoko Takeuchi’s manga art!  For more information, please visit Miss Dream!  We will have a wrap up and synopsis coming soon!

New Sailor Moon Logo with Sailor Moon

New Sailor Moon Logo with Sailor Moon

Source: Sailor Moon Collectables

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