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As previously mentioned before, 51 Minds, a subsidiary of Endemol, the creators of Survivor on CBS, opened casting in Los Angeles and Atlanta for the second season of Heroes of Cosplay.  I am going to go out on a limb here that either very little or noone showed up for casting, because they’re now expanding nationwide.  And right now as we speak, the cosplay community is having a collaborative shitbricking.  BRB, getting popcorn.

Now, upon the first announcement of this, I was quite shock and appalled by this.  Only because they didn’t open casting in NYC right away.  What can I say, we have the best cosplayers in the country here.  Moving right along tho…  I am going to assume that they only did LA and Atlanta because the majority of the casting were from those locations, except for Jesse, who was from Oregon or Washington, I don’t remember.

The announcement is so professional now, there's no gmail address listed!

The announcement is so professional, there’s no Gmail address listed!

Now as I said before, right now, as word is getting out about about this, the entire cosplay community is up in arms about this.  The majority of the community was not too thrilled about how they were portrayed by the cast of season one (or as some people have them, catty bitches).  Well that is understandable, but you have to remember that in a “reality” show, drama sells and makes the numbers.  Don’t believe me?  Go turn on any repo or storage show and just watch 10 minutes of it.  I have time.

I understand that some are going to try out just for epic levels of trolling and being opinionated.  That I can get behind.  Some are going to try out to prove there’s more to drama than the cosplay.  Yeah, good luck with that.  I think it’s a wonderful effort that you’re going on the show for that, but your words will be misconstrued.  Hell I already have friends that plan to try out for the show just to go on there just to roll with the punches.

Frankly, I’m just amused by all of this.  Everyone that was watching season one were either bitching along with how we’re misrepresented, admiring the cosplay, MST3King it, or just nitpicking at it and just calling out bullshit for the comedic aspect of it.  This show not that big of deal.  It will not tear the cosplay community apart.  As I said before, I do hope that the show is on any night except Tuesday nights, because that’s when I do my podcast.  I’d love to host a livestream of this and roll with the punches like everyone else.

Also, ever since the premiere of the show, it seems like a lot of conventions are not allowing Heroes of Cosplay nowhere near them.  If you watched last season and read the dirt sheets, 51 Minds caused a lot of headaches for the masquerade.  And let me tell you something, a masquerade is one of the few things you don’t want to screw with at a convention.  So it looks like HoC will most likey be doing conventions in Canada and maybe overseas.  Perhaps this cast lucked out.

Hopefully the new cast that comes in will do their absolute best.  And when the show premieres, I’ll have to do a new parody intro.  Since it’s a new cast, I may have to call it “Super Heroes of Cosplay: The New Challengers”.  Overall people, just roll with it and have fun… But don’t say that word too loud, it’s forbidden.

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