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You may have heard by now that Bandai has finally released information about the new S.H. Figurearts Sailor Moon action figure for the 20th anniversary.  Due for release in Japan in August, while a release in the States is slated for August or September, the price tag of 4,410-yen is slightly more than the $42.99 price tag it will be here.

Many have already pre-ordered the figure both for the Japanese release as well as the US release.

The US release is being done through Toys ‘R’ Us by Bluefin, Bandai’s North American distributor.

As per the Bluefin description of what will be included with the figure-

Aug/Sept 2013 U.S. MSRP $42.99

Intense action scenes highlight Sailor Moon’s image as a “Beautiful Soldier”. Part of the hair has been rendered with clear parts for enhanced realism.
A full array of interchangeable faces and hands in the set help reproduce dynamic anime scenes.
Also, 2 types of Moon Sticks (with/without Silver Crystal), and effect parts for “Moon Tiara Action” will expand the playability of “S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon”.
Next time, we will be able to introduce not only serious facial expressions but also comical expressions of Sailor Moon.

Stay tuned!

3 interchangeable face parts, 3 left hand parts, 5 right hand parts, 2 Moon Sticks, Moon Tiara effect parts, Luna


According to the Amazon pre-order, the first run of the dolls will also include a crying face and a winking face for a total of 5 interchangeable faces.

Here’s to hoping that with all the positive feedback and the amount of pre-orders, that figures of the other senshi will also become available.

To pre-order your own figure you can go to Amazon for the US release, J-List for the Japanese release, or any other retailer of collectibles that you are familiar or comfortable using.


Sailor Moon Says: These will probably sell out fast, so get them before they’re gone!



Bandai’s Sailor Moon Figurearts commercial, voiced by Usagi Tsukino herself, Kotono Mitsuishi.


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