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Update – 11 Mar 2012: Callie has just opened her Ebay store!  So jump on the ball, bid on some awesome merchandise and give back! 😀 You can check out her awesome wares here-

This event here, hits closer to home with me.  Here’s the thing, I used to hang out with Callie alot.  We cosplayed together, did skits together, concerts, etc… She’s good peoples.  I was really saddened and upset by what happened.  She was hit by a car in LA about a month ago was in a coma.  I’m glad to hear that she’s back home and on her way to a speedy recovery.  One of my friends Jessie, put together a fundraiser on ebay to help pay for bills.  And one of her friends, also named Jessi has a donate button to paypal!  And if you’re a con goer, the girls at Athena’s Wink are taking donations are well.  Here below are links to the ebay auctions, PayPal donation, and to Athena’s Wink.

Also if you’d like to help out, just copy this HTML code below and you’re all set!

Kudos to StephNJ for the button!

DJ Ranma S

DJ Ranma S is cosplay veteran. He has won numerous performance awards with his friends over the years. He has staffed conventions in the past, ran panels, judged a couple of masquerades, a jack of all trades. He's worked dealer's room too! Running this site is his way of giving back to the cosplay community. He feels that it's his turn to give a future cosplayer their fifteen minutes of fame.

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