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Satin Stitching and Applique Tutorial

This tutorial was created by BATCosplay and instructs you how to create your own applique and satin stitch them onto fabric for your costume! It’s a bit of a process, but the results are amazing! Hope this helps! 😀

Hooded Cloak Sewing Tutorial

This tutorial was created by and is a fairly easy sewing one to follow! This cloak creation would be perfect for Raven from Teen Titans! 😀 Hope this helps! 😀

Thigh High Trick Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial to teach everyone how to make thigh highs for a costume stay up! This awesome tutorial was created by NyuNyuCosplay and is a pretty nifty trick! Click to enlarge! Hope this helps! 😀

No-Stretch Boot Covers Tutorial

So, after much discussion, we’ve decided to start presenting some of the tutorials I’ve collected over the years from Cosplay Blog with a Brain! This tutorial was created by Fire Lily Cosplay, and teaches how to create no-stretch boot covers!    

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