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Castle Point Anime Convention 2013 — You Can’t Spell Hoboken without “Hobo”

When I told a close non-convention going friend I was going to Hoboken, New Jersey for an anime convention, the two of us eventually came to the same reaction—a quote from Megas XLR in which Coop, at the suggestion of his friend/copilot Jamie suggests going to Hoboken for a Mega Slush, after just about every […]

Springfest 2013 – There are Better Ways to Spend Twenty-Five Bucks

There has always been a hesitation in the convention scene about college conventions.  At times it can be a great success, and other times not so much.  This is the latter.  As much as the con and the staffers tried (or the lack of trying), it just did not work out as planned.  This is […]

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