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A Myriad of Photo Updates

So over the weekend, I jumped into the backlog of convention photos of 2014 and posted them our Facebook page.  If you missed them, here’s the list!        

Episode #187 – The Great Outdoors… Another Anime Convention 2014!

This week, DJ Ranma S and Ari Rockefeller talk Another Anime Convention (AAC) from this past weekend! Our duo will discuss this convention with Mako-chan and fill her in on what she missed! Also, Scarlett Johansson offered the role of the major in Ghost in the Shell? Also on the Open Forum Topic, we ask […]

Another Anime Convention 2013 — How to Pull Off a Convention Weekend on Only $200!

Well, right off the bat, this might make me look like a giant hypocrite. More than once I have lambasted people who spend their every last dime on their hobby/obsession, which includes anime and its ilk. However, I was in the position to do just that for Another Anime Convention 2013, but I’ll be goddamned […]

Another Anime Convention 2013 Photos!

Alright, I have to admit; I’m not the best photographer on this site, not by a long shot. While I have acquired a more powerful camera in the past few months, the photos I end up taking are serviceable at best. They are, however, in the same vein as my more typical con write-ups: an […]

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